Saturday, October 20, 2007

Southwest Fox - Day 3, Session 3

Cathy Pountney- Getting Your Head Around the VFP ReportListener

I was a late adopter of VFP 9.0, but have been attending sessions about ReportListeners since they were announced. I've never worked with them, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to get up to speed. I'm really glad I attended this session. We have two applications that could immediately benefit from what I've learned in Cathy's two sessions.

Cathy started out by telling us that the new functionality is turned off by default. Microsoft didn't want to break any existing reports, so instead they force you to turn the new functionality on by issuing a SET REPORTBEHAVIOR 90.

You can also use the 9.0 functionality on per report basis by modifying the REPORT FORM command with OBJECT TYPE n. Additionally, you can create a listener and issue the REPORT FORM xxx OBJECT oReportListener

Just like with any other base class, you want to subclass the report listener for your applications.

Cathy spent the rest of the session walking us through the key PEMs for report listeners which gave us a good overview of where we can interact during the reporting process.

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