Saturday, October 20, 2007

Southwest Fox - Day 3, Session 4

Toni Feltman - Introduction to the DBI Controls Included in Sedna

As was the case in several other sessions, Toni had a Standing-Room only crowd.

Toni walked us through the 8 DBI controls that are available as part of Sedna. They are available now here. The 8 controls include ctTray, ctDEdit, ctContact, ctToolBar, ctListBar, ctDays, ctDropMenu, and ctFrame.

All of these controls allow us as VFP developers to give our applications a more modern look. Toni says they are all easy to work with and each come with working examples including VFP code.

Toni recommended that we don't use the Controls Builder for the most part. Instead we should set properties in code. At least some of the controls, though, let you save off the settings into XML. (And also support importing those same settings from XML.)

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