Friday, October 17, 2008

Soutwest Fox - Day 1

I've been taking detailed notes in each session and will be blogging soon about the sessions I've attended today. Overall, they have been top notch. I had hoped to have a little more of a live stream of posts, but the content has been pretty think so I've only had time to take notes, not make them web-ready.

So far the highlight for me has been Alan Stevens' session, Manage Complexity with Agility.

One overall positive comment: Each room has giant screens and each projector is set to use the full screen. I've been sitting in the back row for some sessions (to get power) and I've been able to see every line of code shown. This conference is doing this better than any conference I can remember in recent history. Because the screens are so large, some of the slides and windows have been down below the horizon of people in chairs. Usually the speakers remember to move thing up to the top.

Two more sessions to go and then perhaps some time to post some content-filled updates.

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