Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pass the blame around

Have you ever wondered who was to blame? Have you ever felt like things would be OK if you just knew who to blame? Have you ever needed to pass the blame? Well, thanks to the latest technology, you can just Blame it on Rick. has come to the rescue. Just launched yesterday, this brilliant, cutting edge, highly innovative Web site lets you blame anything you want on Rick. The site handles Business, Personal and Volunteer issues with equal dexterity.

The best thing is that using Blame it on Rick yields the same exact results as in real life - nothing! Sure, you can feel better knowing that someone else has the blame; but otherwise, the issues remain unchanged.

The only downside is that the site seems to be processing things a bit slowly. (And when you need someone to blame, results just can't come fast enough.)

Once you submit the blame, you'll get your request number. If you jot it down, you can check on the status of your blame request using the simple intuitive Status feature.

The site has accepted over 3000 requests for blame, but is currently processing request number 629. (It must be a very difficult request, it has been in process for hours!) Be patient though, and you can feel comfortable knowing someone else is to blame.

I expect that in the future, the site might offer some deep analytical reporting of important key social metrics, like Who does the most finger pointing, and for what issues are people least likely to accept responsibility. I'd also like to see stats like blames resolved per hour and longest blame resolution and shortest blame resolution.

Just wait until the politicians find this site!



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